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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


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To all the peoplewho say that this was on purpose are idiots. Just because they are working with a virus doesn't mean that they are toatly safe. The precatuions can only protect them so much. Human error caused her to get pricked, nothing more. It is a sad event that her work caused her death but there is little any one could have done to help her.


$10 bucks says she was assisted in that pricking.

Since when do scientists who study the stuff not take precatuions against such a thing?

James R. Rummel

Good post.


Scared Monkey

How comforting is it to know Russia has all that bio weaponry? (shudder)

Putin reminds me of a mafia boss. I think he wants to put the Soviet Union back together and be in charge.

Too bad he wasn't the prick that got pricked.

Jeff B

****It is eerie that the scientist was killed by the Ebola virus about the same time an Ebola-like outbreak occurred in Sudan.****

Maybe she just pricked herself while boxing it up for UPS, to ship to Sudan. I guess they figure birth control hasn't worked, so they'll try this.

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