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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


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I agree with Stephen. What does the guy have? I sort of feel bad for him (like I feel bad for an animal with its leg caught in a trap). He was chosen by his party because he was the only candidate with a snowball's chance in Hades and he wasn't Howard Dean. Unfortunately for him, that's not going to win you the Presidency.

I do think, his efforts not withstanding, that Kerry will be seen as "just another liberal from Taxachusetts" because his true Vietnam record, and more importantly his actions following his return, will be widely seen as less than noble. In the end, I think the Dems have condemned themselves.

Stephen Johnson

Kerry has a 20-year record in the senate that is undistinguished - few bills passed (none of any importance) and no leadership positions. He has an almost unblemished record opposing military and intelligence spending. Other than his four months on a Swift Boat, he hasn't been in charge of anything. So what else can he highlight?

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