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Sunday, September 19, 2004


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Former Air National Guard officers have pointed out that "billet" is an Army expression, not an Air Force one.

Here's a Google search for billet or billets at af.mil (official Air Force sites).

This gets "about 939" hits, for example:

"The remaining percentages include billets at the wing level and below, from wing staff on down." (Officer Careeer Path Guide, ch. 3-1)

"Staff billets above the wing level are prevalent in every major Air Force command and numerous joint service agencies (ie, Military Traffic Management Command ...." (Officer Career Path Guide, ch. 4.6)

"All PD updates, and PDs accompanying requests for core billet realignment or for new core billets, will be submitted for certification." (AFMC Instruction 38-202)

So much for the claim that the Air Force never officially uses the term "billet".

California Yankee

Marc, How could anyone disagree with that?


So I have a question. Who is playing the part of Popeye Boyle in this Democratic version of The French Connection? My guess is the gang over at Powerline, wouldn't you agree?

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