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Sunday, February 25, 2007


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Are you kidding...?? Clinton is popular WITH BUSH SENIOR TOO. If Shrub SR could dump Jr and adopt Bill... damn straight he would!

Clinton (mrs) did overreact to the Geffen statements.. after everything the sitting president has put us thru, a blowjob is NOTHING. And as for saying 'I made a mistake', that's RULE NUMBER ONE women in any position of power are taught.. DON'T SAY I'M SORRY. With men, it's a sign that they're human. For a woman, it's a sign of weakness ('oh look she's being a chick').

Don't do it Hillary, you made the call with the info you and so many others had at hand. Who should apologize? THAT IDIOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE THAT'S WHO. But that's okay, Charles Taylor is keeping a seat in the Hague warm for him....!!

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