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Sunday, July 20, 2008


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jean daniel jolivald

Moon landing night at the fillmore west
"69 I was 21 and I called the road my own"
from France 2 months hitchiking across U.S.A.

They were giving those "moonpills" at the entry of the place, stuck on a piece of cardboard sayin "moonpill"

Put me in a state of acting in a slow movie...
Country Joe and the Fish played, against that bloody war going on, while Nixon was talking peace to the astronauts ("for the future!" they answered)
and totally in tune with the slow movie I was in came Joe Cocker.
Do you remember me? At a point of the concert I felt the need to salute him, I climbed on stage ,touched him back, and got ejected with a little help of his friends.
Who was that little eurasian girl I met that night, slow burning love, great night!

Keith Jaeger

I was also there. Do you recall the bands that played that night?

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