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Friday, December 05, 2003


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Adrian Corner

Dear Peter Randall

Could you please contact me through my email address.

Or anybody reading this, could youplease help me to make contact with Peter Randall, ref: the sale of a kidney

Adrian Corner [email protected]

Many thanks

Peter Randall

Dear sirs,

I am Peter Randall. I am the man selling one of his kidneys.
Your article states that there were no offers made for the kidney, in fact this is in error . There were a few bids the first was £50.000 thru E-Bay and the highest was at that time £80.000 through my E-mail address available at the time on the E-Bay ad. The item was in fact posted three times on E-Bay. and generated a lot of interest, so much so that a meeting has been set up with a potential recipient.

Regards Peter

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