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Tuesday, January 13, 2004


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I am a RN who blew the whistle on a Connecticut Agency: Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in 2003 for illegal use of restraints and wasting tax payer dollars and union employees sleeping on the job. The Hartford Courant reported last week that illegal use of restraints has NOT stopped and evidence shows the Department of Children's Services AND Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Services harming CHILDREN with illegal restraints.

Corruption in Corrupticut continues to flurish.

The State of CT has retaliated against me for whistleblowing to this day.

Please come to CT and do an expose of whistleblowers affecting EVERY Agency; State Police Dept; Criminal Justice; Family Court.

We have to go OUT of state to get JUSTICE.

860-633-3957 Deborah

Frank Butash


This is a cool-headed site that faces the issues without the inbred Democratic Party Mendacity and mentally-defective Liberal mouthings.


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