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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


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Scott Harris

I played the video of Dean's speech for my kids. "What's wrong with him?" was their question.

The high school senior who picks up my girls from elementary school, and tutors my youngest daughter on Tuesday and Thursday informed me that the Dean speech was played during class on Tuesday, and that is all that was talked about all day in school.

My kids, 9, 11, and 13 were running around the house chasing each other Tuesday night yelling YEEEAAGHH. My wife asked them to stop, and I told her to lighten up. After all, they were just practicing for their future political campaigns.

Like it or not, fair or not, Dean is toast. That is really unfortunate for all Bush supporters. A Dean vs. Bush race was a dream for die hard Republicans. Looks like the Democrats are not going to all hold hands and drink the Dean Koolaid. Oh well, we're gonna have a real race for the White House in 2004 instead of a carnival.


The Duke's tank ride really wasn't that big a deal at the time, either. He was trying to make a point that both he and his supporters apparently thought valid. He looked silly doing it, though, and history remembers it as the turning point. I don't really think it was, I think his mushy answer to the rape question was a much bigger deal, but that is barely remembered. I strongly suspect that the Deaniac scream will be remembered as Dean's tank moment simply because, fairly or not, that's how these things tend to go.


California Yankee


Don't get me wrong, Bush is my guy. I just think that in the video Dean doesn't look as bad as the audio clips make him sound.


Well, we all have our opinions.

Dean isn't demonic, you're right there, but he is a bit obsessive in the "Hate Bush" theme.

My thought is he just channeled all his hatred for Bush into his speech on Monday. And it was a "concession" speech, whether you believe it or not. He's done.

That disappoints greatly, too. I was so looking forward to having "Powered by Howard" as our Democratic candidate.

Now the comedy has been lost. My advice?

Remove your blinders and really watch the speech again. Or perhaps take a really deep breath and look at the world around you.

Bush ain't the best, I'll be the first to admit that. But until anything better comes along, he's got my vote so far.

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