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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


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Josh McClain

Carl it wasn't Robert it was I who made the dismal prediction that Joe would keep up some "joementum" and come in third.

Oh well. Great work on the wrap up.


Good work, but you could have made me look better than that...Oh yeah, I did foul it up pretty bad but at least I admitted that I knew I was out on a limb.

This is interesting to get a snapshot of everyone's thoughts.

The Commissar

Great post. Very thorough.

Robert Tagorda

I blame my performance on Edwards!

Nice job on the round-up.


Quite an extensive roundup. Who knew such a large percentage of moderates would show up? If not, Edwards would have gotten 3rd, and Dean would have been a lot closer.


Actually I was dumb enough to predict Dean ahead of Kerry also.

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