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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


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Tamica Jordan

I believe that everyone is entitled to pursue a better life. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to pursue everything. My heart bleeds for the young girl, but my heart screams for our own legally born children whose parents and their parents parents have contributed to the building of this great country. Why should we displace ourselves and our own children for others? Our schools are extremely overcrowded and many public schools lack the basic test scores needed to allow our children to pursue higher education.

How can we logically offer to take in others when we are struggling ourselves?

To those with bleeding hearts - when visitors come to your home you expect them to abide by your household rules. Shouldn't the same apply for your country rules? How can we expect people to respect us when we allow them to disrepect our rules?


there is no need to portray illegal aliens as if they were mere objects- catch them for money. - what are they ( animals) NO NO... they are human beings and we have to factor in what they provide for our economy. I would like to see any american at the side of the freeways picking strawberries at 95 degree weather. most of them ( out there ) are illegal immigrants - and most of them work and diserve a chance in this world. As for education - most immigrant children have a sense of integrity and will to survive. Immigrant children are "driven" to accomplish something great because they know what would happen if they were still in their third world coutry------- they would most likely be working vs. going to school or be starving. Therefore, when they have a chance they strive to succeed. However, many americans take for granted what liberties they have as an american citizen and never go to school or (if they do) it's merely " party time". So... don't portray illegal immigrants as animals to be hunt down in exchange for money. They could be our next Secretary of State....or our next Supreme court judge>>>

Scott Marcotte

Solving the problem of illegal immigrants coming to California is one, firing George Bush. Two a new US agency, the US Customs Enforcement is not doing anything about Immigration anyway, only with the US Embassies, makking the applicates feel it's too tough to apply for a US Visa, so they hire smuggles to get them through. We need a new US Immigration Protection system. One closing the borders a must, two, giving local police power to take into their hands to arrest
illegals and send them back to Mexico.

Three, shut US Companies down for hiring illegals.

Four, raise the fines to US Companies hiring illegal immigrants as will.

Repeal all the laws sponsored by Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, CA Legislative Democratic Latino Caucus, http://www.politicomagazine.com and more.

Also if illegals are going to live here then
pay them the same wages as all US companies
do with us citizens, so there is no unfair competition.


jim smithe


It is simple. We don't need more laws.

Make every legal American a deputy and place a bounty on illegals.

If an American catches an illegal alien pay them anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of what it costs the Border Patrol to apprehend an illegal.

The closer to the border you catch the illegal alien the more money you make. Catching an illegal within 10 miles of the border should net a bonus! This would benefit the property owners near the border who have had their property destroyed by illegals.

Of course, police would be eligible too! So a routine traffic stop just might earn them some extra spending money.

I would wager the problem with illegal crossings just about ceases the minute the policy is put into place.

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