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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


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Nate O.

Bush did nothing wrong to loose sight of what was right for the country. I just watch Michael Moores documentary on what should be considered "slander" on Bush. What a shitty movie that was. I am happy I didn't have to pay any money to watch it. The worst part was when they showed Bush sitting in that class room in shock and time passed by and he did nothing. Lets think what other Americans did. I know that my class stopped and everyone in the hall came into my class room and looked on in awe. No one had a clue about what to do. Who would have known that was going to happen. Even after all of the terrorism alerts got put in place we will never know when another strike will happen. I bet even if they had that terror alert scale they would have no way of knowing what would happen. Kerry has done nothing but slame bush into the ground. Bush being the bigger man is taking it in strides. If Kerry thinks the only way he can win this election by pointing the blame at Bush, for 9/11, then Kerry is the smaller man. Kerry has effectivly done nothing for America; Bush, after the attacks, created 1.7 million jobs, which will help bring America out of recession.
I bet Kerry will not accomplish as much as Bush, if Kerry makes it to the white house.
Bush is the man with the plan
Bush '04, all those Kerry lovers should leave. There is no need for this Bush Racism.

mani Rahbari

We do not want another Jimmy Carter who brought terrorism to this world by taking Shah of Iran out and replacing him with a terrorists.
Bush is the man this world needs. I am sure he will do lot more than he has done during the past 4 years. May God bless him always.

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