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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


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Juan Vidal

I am Spaniard living in Spain, but I don't support current Goverment's strategy. I am feeling ashamed, due to our behaviour as a Western country. Furthermore, I think there was a great manipulation after the attacks in order to change the Goverment, between three branches of power Socialist party, part of the media (PRISA group, El Pais newspaper, CNN representatives in Spain)and former police's groups that were involved in the dirty fight from Felipe Gonzalez' former Socialist president, which changed defined voting trends. We are suffering a bad situation in Spain and I only expect that United States do not support Spain and helps us to change current Goverment, because our behaviour as a allied country has been shameful.
Regards, Juan Vidal


I hope the USA turns a deaf ear to Spain when those cowards need help with a future disease, natural disaster, economic woe, or terrorist threat.

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