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Sunday, March 14, 2004


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I'm so tired of this crappy regionional disaster. I'm so sick of OUR country bleeding money and time and efforts for those that do not want our help then complain when we quit giving it. Lets either stop anything coming in OR out of the region and starve them ALL or drop the 1 bomb, sweep up the mess and let them start over. if this continues there will never be peace. as for now I will no longer purchase any products of Spain, nor will I visit or send my products there and with more of this type of economic withdrawl, Spains government and it's people will soon realize what little they will have without us. Who needs a "friend" that is simply too weak to support anything. They will surely see their choice was horribly wrong and an intellctual disaster.


Stupid; capitulate and appease! A win for the Islamofacists.

I bet the [Dim]ocrats will make hay with this in the US.

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