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Saturday, April 10, 2004


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Greg Saylor

While there clearly is nothing in this which says "watch out! someone is going to fly a plane into a building!".. It certainly strikes me that you could pick anyone up off the street, hand them this memo and they would want to find out more information about what is going on... To me all it takes is to have taken the time to read and understand what was being written in this memo to take the next logical step...

The fact that did not happen seems to indicate to me that someone dropped the ball...

This isn't politics, it is common sense: how can you read that memo and not want to find out more information?

Why are ya'all defending the lack of follow-up on this memo?... Do you think that is even *remotely* acceptable?... You don't honestly think that a mistake was not made here?... People should be willing to admit their mistakes... The lack of follow-up here *was a mistake*... Plain and simple! And you discredit yourselves and the entire republican party by acting like it wasn't!

- Greg


Look, the fall of the wall in Germany meant a full scale pull out in Afghanistan in 1989. WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED THEN --the day the feds found blueprints to blow up the WTC back in 1989. They pulled over 4 men of arab decent driving in Jersey. They found forged visas, illegal arms, and a bunch of docs. Had the feds known then what they were looking at, then, perhaps they could have prevented the WTC 1993 bombing. I think it wasn't until 1995-6 that they put it all together, well after 1993 WTC.

Oh yeah, the "Blind Sheik" of Egypt spent a great deal of time in Peshawar. Read his speeches to understand this man's position and movement. You see, UBL's mentor had been killed earlier that same year. Note, that UBL was also in that same movement, and that Ramzi Yousef left for Manila in 1994, meeting with the master mind of the Bojinka plan. Hello! --this man was considered a "success" by those in the movement before his eventual capture. Of course, it is probable to assume that his next main mission would be UBL's evolving plot to use airplanes as weapons.

I saw interviews on CBS about the Manila/Bojinka plan back in 1999. It was surprising news. It was flashed as important, but only from an investgative point of view. This was not breaking news.

Also, it should be known about Jalalabad in 1989. At this time Selig Harrison applealed to the Whitehouse in 1989, that a rapid "pull-out" would reflect poorly on those trained to vacate the Soviets. The promises not only had been broken, but the US pulled out with "fast termination". Now, is it fact that up to 200 top, trained militia within Afghanistan were killed in "so-called" inter-rival fighting within Jalalabad in late 1989? Or, was it more than that? I think it was an abrupt termination, and quite betraying to say the very least.


The question is whether this should scare the shit out of you. This is "historical" only in the sense that it's supplying the background of why you should be scared shitless. I don't see how you can read that title and get anything other than the message that you should get off your lazy ass and figure out what's going on.

Especially when viewed in context with all the other crap flying around.

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