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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


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John Kerry: He's on your side if the issues ... eh ... whichever side you're on.

Harvey Levin

Kerry makes me SICK. I wanna puke that this liar - worse than Al Gore in that department - continually speaks everyday about Bush's "failings" and yet is caught in lie after lie after lie. No wonder he said "I voted for it before I voted against it" - who in the name of hell could remember how he voted if today he is for something he was against yesterday?

What irritates me more is not that Kerry is a sickening liar. It is that the "media" made up of ass-licking liberal liars lets Kerry get away with this without even asking him one challenging question. They are all so desperate to defeat Bush that they would care if Kerry dressed up in drag to court the cross-dressing vote.


Per my e-mail to you, I'll concede that's a valid point. Perhaps I took your point incorrectly last night, but then there was beer involved so I will deny all knowledge of the event.

California Yankee

The main point is not that Kerry failed to vote for the Project Bioshield Act, it's that Kerry hypocritically criticizes President Bush on an issue that the President has already addressed more substantively than Kerry has. Kerry is either unaware of the provisions of the Project Bioshield Act or is just hunting for sound bytes.


And given that the vote was on May 19, 2004, Kerry could have easily been out stumping for his candidacy - actually, it looks like that was the day he was meeting with Nader in D.C. Given an article I was just reading re: Nader and his warchest (limited as it might be), it would seem that it would have better served Kerry to be in this meeting than voting for/against a national defense measure that was clearly going to pass.

As much as I dislike Kerry, this is not an indication of his being against protecting the nation, defending it from bio-terror, etc. And if we on the right-leaning side portray it as such then, honestly, we're no better than Michael Moore in the second-helpings line at a Ryan's Steak House.


Technically it's 99-0-1. Kerry didn't vote for it before he didn't vote against it...

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