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Monday, June 07, 2004


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Get out of the semantic minefield people. During WW2 in france they were called partisans, the patriotic resistance to occupation. Listen to yourself talking about 'clearing out the city with fire'.The resistance in falluja comprised of locals, not armed political movements aimed at de-stabilizing the country, or the pathetic label of 'saddam loyalists'. They didn't fight for him when the war began and he was still in power, so why would anyone risk their lives for him now!. The people responsible for the car bombings deserve the title terrorist and are very likely less than a hundred foriegners in total, but to call the resistance a terrorist organisation is to declare war on the entire iraq population. Vietnam was lost because the americans looked at all vietnamese as the enemy or potential enemy and treated them accordingly. The prison torture is what happens when the enemy is demonised and assumed guilty for all the wrongs in 'the war on terrorism'. That War does not exist. The world has not changed since 9/11. No armed group with america in its sight could ever inflict a fraction of the damage of a regular army, or occupy the country like iraq. Disregarding the fantasies of a super germ or a stolen nuke(the most heavily guarded weapons in a countries arsenal). There has always been regional conflicts in the world concerning religion and race, many lasting for decades or even generations before recently being labelled 'Terrorism'.

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