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Friday, June 04, 2004


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Stephen Basso

I am 100% disabled veteran living/surviving barely on my $2300 per month disability check? Who is the right President for me? Who is going to start treating America's disabled veteran's like human beings and war heroes,not high-end welfare recepients? I tried to get anaffordable federally subsidized housing/apartment and they told me I make too much according to federal guidelines for apartments, what a joke,really? I am too wealthy,too rich for feceral housing,yet too poor to afford the $1100 a month my area brings for a 2/2 basic apartment?Plus car,insurance,food,gas,special needs,clothes,furnishings of some kind?Give me a break already,this country treats it's veterans like third class citizens,pays/compensates us like dogs looking for scraps! Not my opinion, my actual lifestyle, unfortunately, due to the political losers in office!I'm a veteran and I vote, I would love to know if anybody agrees with me and has any solution short of John McCain, who I'm sure would have been good for disabled veterans at the very least!So who should get my and thousands just like me,votes?

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