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Thursday, July 01, 2004


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What is with the comment about democrats "not having a stomach to fight against terrorists." Viva la France!!! and Germany for that matter. What has come of the bull shit in Iraq? 900 americans dead? Okay, let's invade Turkey and rename it "Chicken"......... I had relatives die in 9/11, and ya know what?......I highly doubt that Iraq had anything to do with it. Osama....hated Sadam....George W....hated Sadam....He wanted to finish is father's war...at the expense of more of our men and women... Get real.......

karen gravius

Dear Governor Rell, My husband, a life long Democrat, has voted for you/Rowland in the past. I could not as I did not endorse Rowland, nor most members of the GOP. I will now vote for you for several reasons: you have helped out my family whenever we have asked; I registered as a Republican several weeks ago after thirty years in the Dem Party. I am appalled at the criminal behavior of Rowland, and, I am disgusted with the Dem Party--mostly terrorism (the Dems do not have the stomach to fight a war against terrorists). Acoordingly, MY TWO SONS MUST BE PROTECTED! Moreover, my change of heart/politics is also about the GOP's policy regarding, leftist education, big government, high taxes, special interests, over the top political correctness, etc. I wish you the best of luck. You have been doing a great job. Count on my vote. I hope you receive this email despite the multiple of mail you must be receiving. Sincerely, Karen Gravius, a fellow resident of Brookfield

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