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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


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Robert Savitsky

Judge Sweet recently threw iut a conspiracy and NY Judiciary Law 487 in case 98 civ. 9051 which boggles the mind given enormous evidence in file and referred to in the complaint. Seems he is clearly a sympathizer with law violators. You must see party admissions and boxes of evidence to appreciate it Appellate court which overthrew Sweets easlier dismissal clearly felt Sweet would bring it to trial if evidence were properly referred to in remand It was and he threw it out again.


Why not just seal the bags and arrest anyone who breaks the seal? Or encase them in plastic bag or shrink wrap?

No privacy violations will occur.
Bags can be numbered and assigned photo ID. Then if one blows up, we know to look for.

Obey the letter of the law.


I wonder how this decision will impact the Boston PD's decision to randomly search the bags of T (subway) commuters?

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