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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


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Silly neo-cons? Suppose you can give me a definition of a "neo-con"? Don't suppose you are just mindlessly repeating something you read? What are the odds? Oh, and the "War President" doesn't need bailing out either. I suppose you probably read that somewhere also.


You silly neo-cons, read this link. Sorry. No nukes to bail out the War President


Pixy Misa

As Kevin says, if it does pan out, where the hell did he get nuclear warheads from? We know he never got close to making them himself. The only country in the Middle East with nukes is Israel, and I somehow doubt that is the source. North Korea might have one or two, but would they sell their ace-in-the-hole? India and Pakistan are more worried about each other than about bringing in a few bucks. The US and UK we can rule out. One would certainly hope we can rule out France, and China hasn't been acting that stupid lately.

So, did the Russians lose track of some of theirs? If so, we have a hell of a problem.

I think the whole thing is probably a false alarm, but...


But if it turns out to be true, Bush will be accused of timing the story to deflect attention from Kerry and the convention.

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