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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


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I'm curious, maybe somebody can help me...

When did 'changing your mind' become such a hideous character flaw?

I mean, I for one was all for Iraq, especially when I found out they had weapons of mass destruction and were planning on using them.

Many friends are over there, and I thought it was for a good cause. To protect the US and it's allies from an evil dictator with weapons that could kill thousands or worse!

Then we found out that, no, they couldn't find any weapons of mass destruction. Then I read about the terrorist attacks that are being carried out on our soldiers, that we sent over there, to protect us. They're taking the bullet for America, and it's admirable, but...

Yes, I changed my mind. I was all for Iraq, and based on what the FACTs are, I've decided we shouldn't of gone there. We can say we achieved getting saddam hussien out, and he was a 'bad man', but there's horrible dictators everywhere that we ignore, that we're not ready to go to war to stop them.

You might think it's Kerry being political, and it might be, but perhaps he too is experiencing that 20/20 hindsight and regretting the actions of the nation, on a whole.

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