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Saturday, August 14, 2004


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a group of friends and i have collected goods that we would like to send down south. does anyone know of any shelters that we should send our stuff too? can't find any info on the web. please help, cuz we hear that personal items are needed, yet don't know where to send them
from MN


I have an elementary school interested
in making donations to a school. Could
you please post a list of items needed.

Jim Davis

Cottage Artisans.com - online auctions for the arts is having an ongoing charty fundraiser until 31 oct 2004 for the hurricane vistims in florida.
90% of all procedes generated from auctions will be split between the salvation army, united way and the american red cross chapters in florida.

We are a new website and we are growing.


my father is elderly ( 77 ) and he was hit very bad by hurricane charlie. I'm trying to find out how I can get him some help. He lives in Punta Gorda where the eye of the storm hit. He has a $7000.00 deductable on his insurance and he lives on social security. If anyone knows how I can get him some help, please e-mail. if anyone can help his name is Robert Williams and he lives at 243 Barcelona St.
Punta Gorda,
Florida, 33983 Thanks and God Bless, his daughter in Michigan,Karen Sorgeloos, if you would like to see pics of his house, please e-mail me at [email protected]

Kym Tyler Jerdo

Hello Everyone:

My name is Kym Tyler Jerdo , and my heart goes out to all the victims of Hurricane Charlie.

I will be having a bowl-a-thon on October 16th,2004 in Orlando , and the proceeds will go directly to the JNN Foundation for the victims of Hurricane Charley. Here is the information:

Date: October 16th,2004
Time: 2-4pm
Place: World Bowling Center @ Dowdy Pavilion
7540 Canada Avenue

Price: $25.00 for adults
$10.00 for kids

I really hope to have a nice turn out of people , to come out and have fun bowling for a good cause.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions / comments/ and or concerns.

Kym Tyler Jerdo


My homeroom class is collecting thinkgs to send to the Hurrican victims and we dont know how we are going to get it there because we are in tennessee. If anyone knows how we can get it there please let me know.

Pat Walker

I am trying to find out about Porta Gorda Middle School, we would love to help this school out. If you can be of help to me please send e-mail.


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