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Sunday, August 15, 2004


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mark patterson

i have a comment on "nader bashing". i am totally am against violence,period. but i see why people are really pissed off about nader. the fact is nader IS a spoiler. why, because he HAS NO ELECTORAL VOTES, NO MAN BECOMES PRESIDENT WITHOUT A VICTORY OF ELECTORAL VOTES IN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.NADER HAS NO PARTY TO GET HIM ELECTORAL VOTES AS WELL,HELLO. NOW, IF NADER WERE NOT ON THE LAST BALLOT ,GORE WOULD HAVE CERTAINLY WON, FOOLISH PEOPLE WHO VOTED NADER VOTED FOR A MAN WHO COULD NEVER HAVE BECOME PRESIDENT,FACT,PERIOD. to me ,to vote or get nader on the ballot is simply evil. the iraq war is now 135 billion,AND COUNTING. our debt is 6 trillion, and counting, and people will vote nader and put dubya back in, economic collapse is certain. republicans in iowa,wis,mich,new hampshire to name a few states are getting spoiler on the ballot. nbc news july 24th interviewed them, they were DOING IT TO HELP DUBYA, I HEARD THEM WITH MY OWN EARS. aug 21 bill o'reilly on his factor show asked nader what he thought of republicans getting him on the ballot, his respondse,HE TOTALLY SKIPPED THE QUESTION. WE ARE AT CRITICAL MASS , MEN ARE DYING IN IRAQ,DUBYA WILL INCREASE SENDING TROOPS TO THE MIDDLE EAST, STUPID CHRISTIANS WORRIED ABOUT ABORTION AND GAY MARRIAGE ARE ON HIS SIDE, DO WE WANT THIS FOR FOUR MORE YEARS,HELL NO!!!! I SEE THE ANGER PEOPLE HAVE FOR NADER SUPPORTERS,SORRY, IN MY EYES THEY ARE EVIL MORONS, NO ELECTORAL VOTES, NO PRESIDENT, WHAT PART OF THIS DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND


The "news" here is the report not the events.

Democrats have long demonstrated their tolerance for dissent with economic, social and physical reminders. This is a Party-At-War. They have run a scorched earth policy for so long they can no longer tell the difference between friends of a different persuasion and their "enemies".

There are many sources for this war-attitude. Most of the tenor and tactics were forged in the Clinton Wars. There is no America; just a Democrat America and an enemy America.

"With us or against us" no grey, no borderline, no quarter.

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