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Thursday, August 12, 2004


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Edward frick

His "Coming Out" is not the Courageous label people are using, nor is his resignation due to his being gay.

And please tell the Star Ledger we don't need to be told how to discuss this with our children.
Who gave them the right to tell me how to speak to my kids?

What do they know, other than what they want the public to here - 1/2 the story.

If he and his administration weren't under investigation for corruption, and he wasn't about to be outed by someone, would he have been as "courageous."

I think not.

Save that word for the people who deserve it - The men & women of our military bravely fighting the war on terror.

The former governor should become former right now and leave office and give the people our right of picking a new leader.

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