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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


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Karen v.H.

Kerry still hasn't flip-flopped. Kerry stands by his position: he would have voted Yes on the authorization of the use of force, as he said in August, because that was a key component of the plan to force Saddam Hussein to back down and let weapons inspectors back in. Congress had to give Pres. Bush the big stick to get Saddam to back down. But Saddam *did* back down, and then Bush launched the war anyway, which Kerry disapproves of. No flip-flop, just a longstanding disagreement on whether, once Bush had the authority to use force, it was a good idea for him to *exercise* the authority. Kerry hasn't wavered on his position at all. Check out the information at KerryOnIraqWar.com where we lay out Kerry's statements on Iraq very clearly.

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