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Monday, October 18, 2004


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Jim B

There's no doubt that it was a deliberate statement. The immediate reaction of Mary Beth Cahill saying Mary Cheney was "fair game" removed any doubt about that. Edwards' mention got a pass, so they thought they could get away with it twice. Much to their chagrin they are learning that they can't: fool me once...

This was Kerry's "Dukakis Moment" and when combined with "global test" and his non-answer to the "strong women in your life" qustion are *the* memorable moments of the debate season.

Debates should never be scored like boxing matches. They set impressions and can only truly be judged based on the impressions can last. By the only measure that counts, Bush won the debate series by: a) not making any gaffes, and b) Kerry making a series of them.



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