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Saturday, November 13, 2004


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I do not know if Scott is innocent or guilty but what I do know is, he was convicted with not even a scintilla of evidence. He was convicted by the media for his unfortunate personality and let us not foget the jurors. How would you like that dumb redhead, dyed, deciding your fate. He is a victim of the system and it is hard for me to believe that so many people think it is a closed deal. Its called the "dumbing down of America." Let him go, you did not prove anything except that you are all braindead. jesus what a crock and miscarriage of justice.


Peterson is definitely guilty. Evidence is both scientific and circumstantial. He never accepted his guilt or show any remorse for his crime. He deserves death sentence. If he wanted to lead a carefree life, he should not have married. Not marry and kill his wife ! What else would he need other than a great beatutiful wife and a child ? Peterson is a sexx maniac and a evil monster! Let him burn in Hell!!


It gives me great peace to know that he is locked away. He valued his life, his happiness and his freedom as more important than Lacie's or his child's life. Now let him ponder the days away realising how utterly worthless his life is and always will be.


I think scott should die just like Laci and Conner did. My friend worked with Laci at a school in Modesto and she said Laci had the best personality and out going and never had a chance to meet her own son she was so excited about. Conner bless his little heart never got a chance to meet his mother or grandparents. yeah i'm glad Amber Fryer come forward with information about Scott, but look who's in the news now for being a liar about the father of her daughter. So i think she knew a little more then she is welling to say. One more thing for all those sick women out there, that are writting to Scott to tell him how much they love him. Get a life, he's never getting out, and have some repect for laci and conner and her family.

kevin miler

scott peterson is a scum bag lowlife who should have 500 pound tess line stung though his ball's with a darning needle rusty of course and hung untell he is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCOTT YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!!!!! THAT IS A CERTAINTY


I have taken many Admin. Of Justice courses as this is my Major. The first day that this happened my friend and I knew it was him and how he disposed of the bodies. He did everything in his power to have the finger pointed at him. I also, don't believe in the death penalty. Because they have to live with themselves, the victim's families, and the crime they commited, every day of their life and hopefully they live for a very long time. He is so guilty and he will be judged by the highest court when he goes before his maker. I also agree with everyone's comments on what scott should have to do, his wife was young and her and their baby should not have gone out that way,


i think that scott peterson is innocent and i pray for him !! i hope that gereagos can find a way to clear his name because he does not deserve to be in prison and die for the crimes that he didnt commit!!! peterson has been made out to be some awful man when really he has been the one who looked for laci all along. the police have screwed this investigation over and they should all be ashamed of themselves!!


Peterson is a scum bag with no shame and remorse for what he has done to Laci, Conner and her family. I'm thankful that Ms. Frey had the courage to come forward and help put this dirtbag behind bars. Thank you Ms. Frey. I pray for you and your children daily.


even death by lethal injection is a better way to go than being strangled or however Laci died, death row inmates are probably sedated before they are even taken out of their jail cell,
that is what is so pointless about the death penalty, there is no such thing as 'an eye for an eye', who knows how awful the death of any murder victem is, it's not for us to try and match the brutality of what was done to her and her child,
and, yes, this trial has gotten way to much publicity, even in Ireland people were waiting for the verdict, everyone in my office had an opinion...


Scott should be forced to suck off( and having to swollow) 30 inmates everyday and shackled bent over for the rest to screw him.
he should have to have surgery and become a woman and ware a pink mini skirt dress in prison.


Scott should be sent to Pelican bay. They are in their cell 22 hrs a day and have nothing to do - no tv ,no radio, no reading material cannot see or talk to anyone, never see daylightforever and are beatten from time to time. They never see the sun and daylight


maybe he will be like of the dozen imates who killed themselves on death row over the last 20+ years and hang himself. The odds are far less that he will be murdered by another inmate (only 3 in the last 20+yrs).
Either way, any asshole who would murder a pregnant woman at Christmas time because he wanted to lead a carefree bachelor's life will suffer more in prison for life-that's not a cool life like he wanted soooo bad he had to kill her.


i think it woud be appailing to put him to death!! i believe that scott peterson is innocenet of killing laci peterson and coner i am a supporter of scott peterson and i pray for him in prison and hope that he can somehow clear his name!


What did Scott Peterson do for a living?

Pat Curley

If they would keep turkeys like Peterson in jail I'd be in favor of letting him rot. The problem is they tend to set them free after 20-30 years. Maybe not Peterson himself (he, like Manson, is too notorious) but plenty of others like him.


Agree strongly on two things--the Scott Peterson affair is unworthy of the attention lavished on it by the press; glad you haven't wasted bandwidth on it. Also, I have the same death penalty doubts you do; I'm not confident enough in our system of justice to support it.
Thanks for your great reporting & commentary--recently I find myself stopping by frequently to see what you have to say. You provide a great service!


No rotting for Peterson, let him die by lethal injection. Let him feel fear the same way his wife must have felt. Let his heart stop just like Laci and Conner's did in youth. He is not worth taxpayers money being spent on him for the next 50 years. Kill the bastard.

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