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Saturday, November 27, 2004


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Ghost of a flea

Thanks for the link. I would like to add to the brief remark I made in my own post. The strategic elephant in the kitchen that nobody has talked about has always been "Saudi" Arabia. In this there is no little irony that Michael Moore, of all people, should be asking some of the right questions: why attack Iraq when the war on the West is financed, organized and ideologically instigated by the Saudis? The problem is that Moore and his followers answer the question with simple self-interest on the part of (some) elites by pointing the finger at the ruling families of the United States (though not France and Canada, etc. who have the same interests).

I believe Moore is incorrect in his answer. While self-interest may play a part the real answer - one that not even the ultra-left wants to believe - is that it was not within the power of the United States to invade and occupy "Saudi" Arabia. The Saudi military would not present an obstacle but the disruption to global oil supply could have triggered a global depression particularly in the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001. Control of Iraq's oil reserves become pivotal to surviving any future threat to Saudi reserves.

One must also imagine the reaction to an actual occupation Mecca. This might have been enough to trigger the reaction the jihadists evidently wanted and have thus far failed to provoke. Bin Laden's first enemy is and always has been the Saudi royal family. Israel, the United States, India and the rest have always been a sideshow to his immediate target. What surprises me about this latest analysis is the continuing realization that so many people truly believe the United States to be omnipotent. It is not. In this respect I see the street protests as a psychological reaction to an imagined "bad father" who should have protected them on September 11. Continuing troubles in an imperfect world are, in this light, an immoral or irresponsible choice on the part of the bad father rather than an improvisation in the face of the bad hand dealt to us by the jihadists and the better part of a century of accommodation with the ruling family of Arabia.

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