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Sunday, December 05, 2004


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Card Carrying Hillary Hater

I have never despised an American politician more, it's almost irrational. As First Lady, we heard she was a monster and a crook but she didn't really bother me until her Tammy Wynette act. No independent, capable woman would "stand by a man" so sleazy and deceitful as Bill Clinton - who allowed a chubby, psychotic teenager to seduce him in the oval office. But Hillary wanted NY as a stepping stone to her own presidency and knew she'd have neither without Bill. And the feminists love her! Go figure.


I have nothing against dykes, I just think Sen. Clinton should come clean with voters and let them know who she is so they can make an informed choice.


Hillary is a dyke, you know. It's common knowledge in DC circles.


If for some unfathomable reason Hillary, The Countess of Chappaqua, becomes President, I might move to Canada. I can think of nothing more catastrophic for the country than a Hillery Rodham Clinton Presidency. It' frightening.

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