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Sunday, January 23, 2005


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Susie Flores

Consider that the ghettos in the past came about, because of ridicule, discrimination, prejudice, and a need to socialize with those that understood and accept you are; I believe that the comment on getting out of the ghettos being well said, makes for an extremely sad statement. You are not able to see what the gay and lesbian life is like; most do not openly tell of their sexual orientation for fear of ridicule, discrimination, and prejudice. Even to the point of just not be associated with. I hardly think that any person at any point in their life, would want to be ridiculed, discriminated against, or feel prejudice. The gay district may seem a radical move on the part of the gay community, but unless you have walked in those shoes of HIDING YOUR LIFE because of fear. You cannot possibly imagine the relief in feeling free, in a community that accepts and understands, without ridicule, discrimination, or prejudice!!

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