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Thursday, April 21, 2005


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Could we be hearing the voices of frustrated career diplomats finally standing up to the politically expedient nomination of the office bully? Let’s not assume that all career bureaucrats are lazy, under worked and overpaid paper-pushers on the public doll. Can’t we assume that some of these people may honestly believe that Mr. Bolton's confirmation as our UN Ambassador would not be in the best interest or their organization nor in that of the United States.

Kagro X

Senators Biden and Dodd are applying the same strtegy against Bolton that the Democrats have been successfully using to prevent President Bush from getting his judicial choices confirmed, keep it bottled up in committee. The Democrats are engaging in this tyranny of the minority because there is little doubt that should Bolton's or President Bush's judicial nominees be voted on by the entire Senate the nominations will be approved.

Didn't you get the memo? Republicans never "filibustered" those 60+ Clinton nominees, because they bottled them up in committee. Therefore, it's not an "abuse" of the Senate's advice and consent role. Or is it only an abuse when Democrats do it? Or only an abuse when Democrats convince Voinovich and Hagel to agree?


John Bolton's long list of fans keeps getting longer. President Bush's former ambassador to South Korea, Thomas Hubbard, has stepped forward to report on two confrontations with the beleagured nominee for U.N. ambassador.
"The issues raised by retired ambassador Thomas Hubbard help flesh out a portrait of Bolton as a hard-charging, fiercely conservative official who showed little concern for diplomatic niceties and, according to critics, has long been prone to losing his cool," reports Newsweek.

Indeed, the first allegation addresses Bolton's already well-publicized diplomatic touch: Hubbard says Bolton became irate with him during a trip to Seoul in early 2003, having been denied the opportunity to meet with South Korea's president-elect. (It was impractical to arrange such a meeting, Hubbard says, because another high level Bush official had just met with Roh Moo-Hyun the week prior.) "He was very angry," Hubbard told Newsweek. "He berated me for failing to get him the meeting." Apparently Bolton then bailed on a dinner Hubbard had set up for him with other prominent South Korean dignitaries -- not exactly reflecting well on the ol' stars and stripes.


Dan, it looks like you have attracted the wrath of some members of the "UN's great and America's always wrong" crowd. For some folks, standing up for American interests first is a good thing, yet for others, one's country comes dead last. It's fun to criticize, but coming up with alternative solutions is not some folk's strong suit.

Now that I've started a firestorm, I think I'll go have a drink and relax ....


Um, who exactly is abusing the Constitution's (not the Senate's) "sdvise and consent" rule? Could it be a President who never ONCE sought the advise of the Senate and instead just demanded their consent? This is just the Senate reasserting their proper role as mandated by the Constitution. Don't like it, change the Constitution.


Bolton's a complete hack.

He's unqualified to be a mid-level manager at a post office, let alone the ambassador to the UN.

You conservatives should start nominating people who are at least qualified if you want people to start taking you seriously of their own volition.


You state "Senators Biden, Dodd and Voinovich are abusing the advise and consent function of the Constitution." What would be an example of properly using teh advise adn consent function? Just because the Dems won't roll over on this nutcase does not mean they are guilty of abusing a function of the constitution.
I would be interested in your advise and consent to my post.


Please explain something to me.

If "the UN is an abject failure - a fatally flawed organization that has actually accelerated and spread global chaos. And it is dominated by anti-Western forces, dictatorships, state sponsors of terrorism, and America's worst enemies" why bother with any pretense of engagement at all.

But spare us any statements about reform.

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