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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


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BTW, you've given me an idea for a post related to this and the closed bases. It may take a few hours of playing the Google game.

When I get it posted I'll send you a trackback.


I'm afraid the enviroweenies will be all over any of these purposals.

They are the ONLY reason new nuc plants or refineries haven't been built.

I find it odd his solution for using closed military bases for a couple reasons.

As part of the base closure/realaignment act it was agreed to give closed bases back to the local authorities. San Deigo's former Navy "boot camp" is an example. It this is passed in some form expect local authorities to scream right along with the enviros.

Secondly look were the majority of refineries are located. Very few are far from ocean ports for obvious crude supply reasons.

Off the top of my head that leaves few choices for bases to be converted to refineries. San Deigo, and I think the former Navy base/shipyard in Long Beach isn't viable.

On the East coast their are one or two spots but I'm not sure of their availability.

Something else to be considered on location is most former bases, in addition to not being on the ocean, are located outside industrial areas. They were/are closer to residential/commercial areas.

While I agree with most of what Bush has purposed, the base/refinery issue may not be workable even without enviroweenie interference.

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