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Monday, April 25, 2005


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Steve Francis

This City Council has been a disgrace to our City - they should apologize for the mess they have gotten us in.

They are cutting neighborhood programs instead of cutting their own budget. If the City Council cut their budget by 20 percent, it would pay for 21 6 to 6 after school programs - so far they have cut 37.

Unlike the other major candidates, who have spent years at City Hall, I'm an outsider. I'll stand up to the unions who control this City Council and roll back their illegal and extravagant pensions.

I'll also cut the City Hall bureaucracy by 10 percent, increase efficiency and stop the structural deficit of the City Council over spending year after year.

Check out my detailed plan at www.stevesplan.com


Correction: Hedgecock was not put back in; his conviction was withdrawn, the charges reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed per 1203.4 pc. No convicted felon there.


Shades of Roger Hedgecock.

And based on the San Deigo electorate, they would probably re-elect Mayor Murphy in the future providing he's not in jail.

After all they put Hedgecock back in after he was a convicted felon.

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