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Friday, May 13, 2005


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chuck hird

My recent post should have read Wed. Feb. 1, 2006 not Feb.6.

chuck hird

There was a post on Wed. Feb 6, 2006 by a Chuck Hird and I do not recall making a post. If another Chuck Hird is out there please contact me at [email protected]

Dolores Frito

I think the McCain-Kennedy bill should cost less money and the wait time tobe a citizen should be shorter. Otherwise, the immigrants might die before they become naturalized. Love, Dolores

chris mayl

I dont have any illusions that illegal immigrants will be able to get their papers in this country only because of cheap labor!Its just a BIG LIE!!
This country is totally immigrant hater!!
Land of opportunity=land of deception!!
American dream=american nightmare!!
If people in this country are so anti immigrant, why dont they give this land back to indians americans

chuck hird

I congratulate Sen McCain and Sen Kennedy on their Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. It is the most comprehensive of any proposals I have seen and is a fair way to handle this difficult problem.

Steve Mills

Encouraging more immigrants to come to this country to fulfill different needs is vital for the nation. With the baby boomers all approaching retirement, we definitely need more nurses, etc, for example. Nowadays workers with LEGAL visas applying for green cards have to wait a tremendously long period of time, some spent around 3-4 years even on the first step with DOL, the whole process could take 7-8 years while the foreign workers pay all the taxes the same way we American citizens do. At the same time, how many illegal workers are taking cash payment and skipping all taxes? So our proud senators are always making STUPID laws to give millions of ILLEGAL immigrants green cards so easily while preventing all those LEGAL immigrants? What the heck? Is it only for the election ballots? Then shame on the legislation makers!!!

Jason Thorndike

As a born Manhattanite (NYC), I think that the McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform bill is an excellent idea. It will allow hard working immigrants, who contribute so much to our country, to document their status and, in the end, become full citizens. I have noticed that most New Yorkers seem much more favorable to such measures than our western fellow citizens, though I do not understand why. Perhaps it is because in "my" Manhattan, everyone seems to be a "foreigner". I seem to be one of the few remaining born Manhattanites! Most of my friends are from far away lands, such as Ohio, Florida, Colorado and even that place on the oposite side of the country called "California". We New Yorkers accept these people even though they speak with strange accents and seem to be so suburban!! Here in NYC, we also have many immigrants from Eastern Europe (many engineers, doctors and so on) as well as immigrants from Mexico and Asia. All of them seem to contribute to our great city and state. Lets make them legal.


why don't you make the DV green card lottery only available to people who are already in the US. This is my third year to apply and have not been successful. I know people who have applied just for the heck of it and won, it's crazy when some of us are trying so very hard to make a home here and become permanent residents, especially when our children were born here. Also the Petition for Relative initially took 160 days to process, then 570 days and now I believe can take up to 10 years. They have not moved on this one in over 2 years,You got to do something about this.

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