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Friday, July 15, 2005


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America needs to wake up and begin getting involved with our trade and foreign poicy practices, especially with China. These people are not like us, they are communists, they are believe in opressive regimes. I dont think we will see WW3 anytime soon. I'd like to be the one pushing the button if we do!

Eitay Hirshburg

u guys are all pretty paranoid... none of this is ever going to happen.. i can kick all of your asses in a heartbeat.. u damn americans!!

Jesse M

I agree, i smell the becoming of ww3 , hope i am wrong. Also I agree, what the hell are we doing ? Why arent we addressing this issue? Some one crashes planes into our cities, and we go and slap the crap outta them , yet however someone makes a NUCLEAR threat, and we see nothing being done, we should be HO'SLAPPIN THESE PUNKS!!!


I agree, I heard of the threat by word of mouth, not on the news. Im surprised this isnt on the front page of every newspaper in America. It's a scary thought that the Chinise are so quick to throw that threat at us.


General Zhu is hoping for his 3rd star .
I compare him to goeppels (Nazi-Germany before invading polen 1939)

Pakistani and chinese submarines training off coast cuba
we need to prepare to dessable them .


jesse d. carter

what i don't understand is why lou dobbs is the only news program, that is covering the chinese general's threat, of attacking us with nuclear weopons? shouldn't a possible nuclear war, be on the front burner of our national security,or at least other news agencies?

jesse d. carter

china is threatening our national security,at the very least taiwan's security. i think we are looking at the opening days of w.w.111,a nuclear war. i hope to god i'm wrong. our government needs to wake up. instead of kissing china's butt we should be in their face.


Just a footnote of Chinese 'peaceful rising'.

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