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Sunday, September 11, 2005


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Publius Rendezvous

I appreciate you linking with my site, and I enjoyed your tribute on September 11th. It is so hard to believe it has been that long ago, it only feels like yesterday. It was a pleasure, and meaningful to commerate that day, and I thank you for what that meant.

Please feel free to visit anytime, and I look forward to returning, please send me an e-mail or comment if you would/care if I added you to my blogroll.

Mr. Snitch!

Have you noticed this? We have:

Forgetting means hard-won lessons will be lost.


This is a 5-minute video memorial. No burning buildings, no rubble, no explosions, no speeches, no screeches, no Bin Laden, no bodies. Just a remembrance of some people whose lives were cut short through no fault of their own, with poignant candid snapshots from their lives, accompanied by a musical background.

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