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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


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Pastor Munir Gill

I am Pastor Munir Gill, From Sialkot Pakistan. i am a founder of Biblical-way Ministry.
Sorry i can't speak in English very well. But i try to speak in English with you. I
baptized in 1992 in a deep water. I baptized after salvation from 1999 to this happy news
to the people I'm familiar. I am running my Ministry from June 2010. Seeing my work's
integrity, 13 pastors are working with me in a one year. Biblical-way which is paying a
nominal salary. Less resources due to their motorcycle is neither home nor. But God's
work with dedication and commitment do. Let the hope of something waiting for us Holy
Spirit will help us. Then removed the all financial weakness. and if you want to visit to
our ministry, We say you are welcom in Pakistan. i am waiting for your reply. i need your
help and prayers.
And WWW.biblical-way.com is my website address. And my contact number is 03009617913. I
am waiting for your response.
Munir Gill
Thank you.



I'd like to thank the American people, among the rest of the world's citizen, for their kind heartedness, a swift response and help to save the lives of so many!

You have touched many hearts....

Thank you!

Mark Schiller

I would also suggest American Jewish World Services as a charity.

Daniel Eidson

Want to help them? Just inform them that this earthquake was nothing more than a "soldier of Allah", as Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments director Muhammad Yousef al-Mlaifi referred to Hurricane Katrina. That'll make them feel better.

Yes, Allah was just punishing those good Muslims over there. That must be it.
Sarge's Spot said so.

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