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Thursday, December 01, 2005


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Pete Larson

I find it amazing how many people want public financed elections. Hey people, on a national level, that comes from out tax dollars, you know, that $3 box to check on the federal tax form? The matching funds comes from that FEC funds, right out of the tax funds. And if you guys want all federal offices to be financed by this same group, you better start checking off those little boxes. Less and less people are checking that box, so just where do you guys who want public financed funds to come from? How about enforcing the laws we have? Oh yeah, all those illegal funds for Clinton and Gore, what happened? Not much, just more regulations.
I wonder why the Dems loved Jon Corzine with his $60 million for his Senate seat, Maria Cantwell for spending her $10 million for the Washington senate seat and Mark Dayton with his Dayton Shopping bank account financing his Senate race in Minnesota. The only time Dems want to whine about financing of races is when the money is not coming to them.

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