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Saturday, December 17, 2005


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Matthew Shugart

Realistically, I suspect there might be some other possible conclusions than "Democrats are not interested in national security," though that line makes for nice polarizing spin, I suppose.

For instance, the guest-worker provisions that Bush himself has been advocating, and that many Democrats favor, were taken out of this bill, because the Republican caucus is divided on the matter.

With those provisions in, the bill would have passed, on a bipartisan vote, but with a right-wing rump of the party voting against. Take conservative Republican Representative Dan Rohrabacher's comments as illustrative:

"There are those of us who identify with the national wing [...] of the party who have always been adamant on the illegal immigration issues. And on the other side you have those people who believe in business and global marketplace concept. So you have a party with two different views on one of the major issues of the day."

Immigration reform is far, far more than national security, but one might conclude that the Republican party can't get its act together on anything but "national security," narrowly defined.

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