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Thursday, December 22, 2005


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Andrew Karlsson

The Secretary General was obviously annoyed to the point of calling out Mr. Bone. As your blog fails to report, the secretary general had been asked the SAME question FIVE times. Your blog also fails to point out that he has stated that the oil for food scandal had been taken seriously by the United Nations. And again, your blog failed to point out that the United Nations rarely takes part in projects such as the oil for food program. Mr. Bone has a 'bone to pick' (Pardon the pun) with the United Nations, and was more than happy to try to push Mr. Annan over the edge. Mr. Bone WAS acting like a 'school-boy.' His smug, "Mercedes-question" was unnecessary, and pointless. Based on this story, "...That says a great deal about why your blog is flawed.
-Andrew K.

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