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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


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Bruce Dearborn Walker

Actually, Big Pharoah, Roba from "and far away...", Ahmed Humeid from "360 East" and a few other middle eastern bloggers decry both the violence and the entire islamic response. Their comments sections provide a reasoned and civil discussion of Egyptian thought on the matter from all sides. I was both pleased and surprised by the general air of reason even from those who disagreed fundamentally on both free speech and proper response to the Danish cartoons.

Whether these blogs represent a real and deep school of thought ignored by the antique media with a story to tell, or are merely a westernised veneer I don't know. But they do know the truth, that this matter was blown out of proportion by outside parties for political purposes, and that the Danish Imams presented fraudulent additional material and had a different set of facts and opinions for the Muslim and western press. Even their more conservative commenters acknowledge this.

Ultimately, those with the truth on their side will prevail.

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