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Sunday, February 26, 2006


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Talking of constituents:[I] ask people to understand my position on Iraq, but also if they disagree with it, to respect the fact that I'm doing what I think is right -- I'm not doing it for political reasons -- and that they'll judge the overall record of service.
Holy Save a Jew for Jesus Joe is such a congenial bullshitter. He stonewalls his constituents on the Iraq debacle. He told Connecticut citizens he would *lead* the filibuster against Alito, and then votes against it and sends prochoice citizens a smug smarmy letter. The only time he's an attentive senator is when he talks to the CEO of Pfizer: you're doing god's work.(Yeah! at the price of spiking healthcare costs.) The road to hell is paved with political opportunism.

tom lenihan

Having 2 draft dodgers discuss military strategy is truly comical. Lieberman in particular. is a phoney in every respect. His parading as GI Joe and patriarch of family values is truly out of touch with his own personal history. Connecticut deserves better.

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