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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


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Christopher Walker

I have no idea whether the slogan "standing up to the big-oil Republicans" is going to help Senator Lieberman either in his struggle to retain the nomination or in November, though he's wise to do anything he can to remind people who've voted for him in the past that they may want to consider issues other than foreign policy when they decide which lever to pull.

I would think the slogan might see more useful play in the Congressional races in CT-2 and CT-5, currently held by GOP incumbents who've taken large donations from Exxon/Mobil. Democrat voters may think first of Congressional delegates from Texas or Oklahoma when they hear the expression "big-oil Republicans", but "big-oil Republicans" are prominent in the GOP delegations sent from non-oil-producing states, as well.


I'm sorry, but I have trouble taking any ad seriously that claims the sewage dump otherwise known as Long Island Sound is "Connecticut's national treasure."

It has a wealth of wildlife, and its oysters help Norwalk's economy, but until it gets even more cleaned up than recent efforts have accomplished, I can't call it a national--or natural--treasure.

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