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Monday, April 24, 2006


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Well, this is why the Kurds are supportive of a federal system.
The US has probably hinted that if its on its own against US wishes. Its on its own versus Turkey and versus Shiite claims on Kirkuk.

As to PKK harassing Iran...are you sure the US wants to stop that?

If Iran loses its North - so what?

If it attacks Iraq, that's legitimacy for US retaliation, just as the Iraq invasion of Kuwait was a red flag under international law

If anything Iran has to be confrontational because it knows that once the US is no longer busy in Iraq, the Iraqi Kurdish and Shiite populations would be supportive of a popular revolt
by Iranian Kurds or Shiites against the existing regime.


Now may be the time for the US to show the Turks that "paybacks are a b**ch."
The Turkish actions during the lead up to "Iraqi Freedom" cost us billions in re-deployment costs and should have some consequences.

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