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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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First off, neither party is squeaky clean. Never have been, never will be. That said, it's laughable that you would compare Brown to Delay, or any other Democrat to what the Republicans have been doing the last decade. K-Street Project, Abramoff (strictly a Republican problem, especially Delay), phone jamming in NH in 2002, gerrymandering TX (Tommy-boy again), Mariana Islands (i.e. slave labor and prostitution – Delay’s fingerprints yet again), Enron's collapse (Lay, Bush and massive energy deregulation courtesy of the Republican Party), Valerie Plame (Rove's about to go down), oil price gouging (you think the oil administration will do anything meaningful?)

I could go on forever, which is sad because I really don't want to. This current Republican party is corrupt to the core – far worse than the Democrats in '94. It's going to be painful for you guys after '06 when Dems gain control of the House and real investigations start.

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