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Sunday, May 14, 2006


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Rebekah Herndon

I love this bear, not only is it sooo adorable but it is also true. I am a mother of two kids and I don't understand what the negativity is all about. The bear is wearing stylish flare pants, the ice cream w/ the pickle on top is genius, and bear-foot and pregnant is just a pun, a play on words. What could possibly be bad about this bear. When I was pregnant I wore tee-shirts and jeans and no shoes. I think they could have put the teddy bear in flannel pjs and with a chocolate, pickle, and peanut butter sandwich too. They should have came out with a whole line of them. I wish the price wasn't so high. My best friend is pregnant with her third and I wish I could afford to buy her one. I am trying to hunt one down on ebay. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Lotsa Luv, -Mother of 2

Brittany Braun

I think that people need to grow up and being a pregnant mother, I think that the bear is adorable and there is no need for people to take as a point to them. I think that people have nothing better to do than take critisism for stupid things.

kim deysenroth

As a mother I just love the bear!

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