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Thursday, May 25, 2006


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Virginia Meakins

I don't catagorically object to drilling for oil in Alaska. But does anyone remember the Exxon-Valdeez incident? One thing that was learned was that very little Alaskan oil makes it to the lower 48. The reason given was that it is too hard to refine, so it is sold to Japan. I personnaly remember four refineries being destroyed by fire since I became an adult, and not one has been replaced. So how are we going to refine all this new oil? I want to see some controls on where the oil can be shipped, first. And I want to see refineries actually built before oil is shipped. And since this is on public land and is considered a national resource, why aren't we posing limits on the amount of profits that can be derived by private oil companies who claim they want to develop that resource? IF the Federal government operated the drilling and refineries and exacted the same percentage of profits that oil companies are now claiming, we wouldn't have to worry about the National Debt. If we are going to drill in Alaska, I want actual laws requiring the oil be used in the United States and penalties for shipping any oil products from those wells being sold elsewhere.

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