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Friday, May 19, 2006


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Mr. So What

Berlin Wall, here we come.

Look most of them are hard workers and they're willing to work at reasonable rates, not some overinflated union card carriers.

Even so, if you're a capitalist, you believe trade is essential. These people come, work hard, send some earnings back to Mexico, which raises the standard of living for Mexicans in general, every day giving the rest of the country the money it needs to stand on it's own.

We're bailing them out of some economic mess that just lines the their corrupt government's pockets, it's the best kind of aide to a neighboring country, WORK.

Last week's Economist reported that Mexico has tried to decriminalized small, personal quantities of illicit drugs. 92% of all arrests in Mexico are due to small quantities of illicit drugs. The reasoning was to alleviate the backlog of processing and refocus their troops and uncorrupted law enforcement to battle the big drug smugglers and corrupt officials of the northern areas of Mexico. Whatever you think about the "drug war" you have to acknowledge there's good reasoning behind this.

But they failed. Why? Because of pressure directly from Washington DC. Mexico is not autonomous its decisions, they are bogged down in this ridiculous cross-border "War on Drugs", when what we really need is law enforcement to battle violent crime.

Personally, I rather pay one of these guys to help me haul some trash to dump, knowing a few dollars of mine will go to his family, directly instead of trusting Washington DC to spend my tax dollars between two corrupt governments.

At least my dollars are getting something both of us, who knows what my tax dollars get us.

A wall, that's great. I'm sure Reagan would have loved to have seen that.


It's not the immigrants fault coming over to the USA it's their corrupt governments in Latin America that should be blame for and stop telling the USA whats right or wrong.

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