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Monday, May 01, 2006


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I believe vampires are real. If witches/witch craft and ghosts are real then y couldn't there be vampires. Its been a long time dream of mine to actually see a real vampire and be one. If those of u who say u r a real vampire please email me [email protected] and share with me ur proof of how and when u became 1. I'm very intrigued by vampires and vampire history. Please email me I'd love to talk.


Hi I'm willing to do a blood doner, my life isn't much so it's all cool!! If you need blood here's my email: [email protected] I'm willing to do whatever ya need:)

sydni buford

I have read these post people have put...... I have studied about vampires for years but some stuff you guys say I don't know if I agree with I mean I know they are real but still. And does any one else think that there is something off about this story?


There a lot of things history tells us is real should we them all if vampires are real I would to talk history with one could realty clear up a lot of things


I have so many questions i just wish someone could Answer. All my life ive been made fun of for what i believe in. If There is someone out there who is really who they say they are please Email me. [email protected]


im not sure i believe but if its true i would like to be turned but only due to suffering with severe chronic pain


I want to be a vampire someone please help me! I will do anything to be one!


i was turned after the birth of my 3rd child. it isnt a life i wanted or asked for. its a daily internal battle with myself. its not as grand as the movies and i cant jump from tree to tree but my senses are def. hightened, and my agility is at its peak. my husband knows and understands, but left me out of fear. and really who would blame him. i've only met two others of my kind, and i cant point out someone like me, but i do pick up on other entities,spirits and such. i am a nurse, and find no struggle with composure, but bloodlust was only an issue for the first three months of my transition. i have noticed more anger and less tolerance for idiocy and am very protective of my little ones. my eldest who is nine , even noticed the 'change in me'.im not immune to ilness, just recover at a rapid pace. idk if i am immortal, not somthing im willing to risk. any questions you may have, feel free to contact me. ps, just know i would never turn anyone or respond to such inquiries, but just want the world to know that not all of our kind are damned souls. also for any other ppl of my kind, please im eager to here the stories and hardships of your own transition.

Manna Sebastian

Please answer my question.
How can there be vampires..i mean i mean it would be AWESOME if i saw one but it really doesnt make sense to me.....if there were vampires someone would have made a big deal about it and told the police but no one ever did....HOW IT IS POSSIBLE??

scott cox

Vampires are real, there are to many storys in history to say otherwise, i wish i were one but all in all im sure they are pretty picky in who they pick. Read up on your history (not movies) and then ask yourself if they are real or not


if you want real power.. then get on yer knees and say the lords prayer every night and every day and follow its one instruction.
the entrance into a whole other world is closer than you think.
do it for 3 months straight.

persistence and faith is the key.

dont knock it till you tried it.. its harder than you think.

Emi 3

i am sooooo bored! i need somethin' to do. my address is 3770 W 50 N Angola, Indiana.

Emi 3

Daniella, i would suggest that you rethink being a vamp. First how would you like it to know your bff is on her period, or any girl that is on it. Dont become one. My freind is miserable now. :(


I want to be turned into a vampire...i think their fucking awesome, and i wouldnt have to drinkhuman blood i could just have animal blood right? I live in long island, ny....all i want is anwers and to become a vamp. Anyone who has any idea who. Is a true blood and can turn me to a vamp then email me at [email protected]

Emi 3

guess wut hg... ever since i posted that comment i got 2 vamps here!also, if u dont belive than y r u in a chat site like this? get your words right dip shit (p.s. im still willing to b a blood doner!please comment)


vamp are not real.. u need to grow up.. u have something to say.. let us know at www.dgiphunters.com.. so bring it on vamps.

Emi 3

please answer me! i also have freinds that will be doners too! and (if you wanted) you can do alot more than suck my blood ;) please comment back!

Emi 3

vamps r real! my best freind is! we go out on patrol all the time! p.s. i am willing to be a blood doner to a vamp! i live in Angola Indiana, my name is Emily Huber! also, it dosent hurt getting bitten! and only purebloods can change persons! once again i will be a blood doner!


vampires are real and now we vampires and demons need to come back and show who we really are.HUMANS BE READY,WE WILL.......... @-JakeB. LET IT OUT WE ARE READY FOR ALL U.. DGIPHUNTERS WILL STAND AND FIGHT.. U SO CALLED DEMON AND VAMP.. DON'T ASK TO PLAY IF U ARE NOT READY U ARE NOTHING....


well well well we have demons and vamps... thats why we are here.. dgiphunters will take on this crazy thing.. will be there lets see what happens

Anastasia Rochelle

There is an anual meet up of vampires in one specific area every ten years. The next one is this year. And i happen to know where and when exactly. If you really wish to meet blood thirsty vampires then be my guest.
We meet at the top of The tregliad mountain at midnight on the 12 July.
If you wish to die an unholy death then come, but if you had any sense then you would stay away.


and destiny renee please tell me your email address


jodi, you said you have witnessed a vampire ; if that is true then please email me and tell me when and where it happened and if it was a 'vampire' or one of those people who just love blood


let us demon and vampires all destroy all who are aginst us


We vampiers and demons need to rise and fight.


vampires are real and now we vampires and demons need to come back and show who we really are.HUMANS BE READY,WE WILL


i could spend all year trying to explian how complex a vampyres mind is yet no one would understand. i belive in vampyres because i have both witnessed and met a vampyre. vampyre attacks a rare in the news because of donors if you have questions please talk to me by email [email protected]


Most poeple take these stories of vampires and supernatural as something that doesnt exist in our world, but they are blind.We live in a world where we have not discovered nearly all the lies we live in. For one, people have the idea that vampires originate from Dracula and all those spooky stories. The first vampire was actually a witch and not a blood thirsty creature. This witch was looking for inmortality and so looked for spell after spell that would get her that price. She finally had the perfect spell but the last ingridient was a persons blood. She became immortal but had to drink a humans blood daily or die. We live in a world where not everything we see is the truth and what we dont see is the truth. There are so many lies we live in!!!


eric wolkoff, your comment has got to be the dumbest, most stupidest, unbelievable, pathetic lie i have ever had the misfortune to curse my eyes. i feel scarred for life, reading your comment made me laugh my as off, any1 who believes u is a dumbas, but still i have to admit laughing at u made my day LOL!! you poor delusional creature, some old man did this to u? sounds like you have some really perverted fantasies. Peace out freak


Eric Wolkoff turn me into a vampire.


I believe in "VAMPIRES" but haven't seen one. So I just wanna know more about vampires. So please help me

jaylene young

Eric wolkoff-- If you really would like some advice I think I could give you some, I don't want to type a huge message on here but if you'd like to talk my email is [email protected]


Eric Wolkoff. I'm Hungary girl. I believe in the vampires. Do you speak German? I do not speak English. I would like to talk to you. msn: [email protected]

eric wolkoff

hey, i am a young vampire and i have been trying to find a way to control my thirst for human blood.. i really do not want people to know who i am because i am afraid of those people who kill vampires, i am not human, im not immortal but according to doctors im up to 4 times stronger than the average human, i will live longer than the average human, i am about 3 times faster than a normal human, and it takes a lot of vigorous activity to get me tired.. doctors say they have never seen this before.. i have the ability to move things with my mind, and i can stare deeply into peoples eyes and scare them away.. i have only been in one fight in my life and as soon as i saw the other persons blood i went crazy, i needed some..and all they say about vampires and sunlight is sort of a lie, i mean, we do get weaker, and we begin to need to be in the shadow every couple of hours but people wouldnt be able to tell i am a vampire, no one can, not even my parents.. i have been sneaking out of my house at night to go ponder around, and i have even been able to sneak into friends houses through their windows and no one can hear me.. i need someone to help me out, this isnt a lifestyle i want for me, i dnt want to be a vampire, i wasnt always like this, untl i met an old man when i had cancer in a lung that told me he could make it go away, i had no idea how but i agreed with him.. now i have no soul, and i have an incredible thirst for blood and incredible strength and speed, and abilities.. i dont want this, i just want to be normal, my girlfriend does not know about this and i dont want her to find out, i am very protective of her, and even wen she thinks im far away from her i am near her watching her and taking care of her.. most vampires are protective of someone or something, and i am protective of my girlfriend.. please someone help me.. i need advice.. i can turn other people into vampires but i wouldnt want to be like i am.. thank you..

Hallow Moon

Vampires! I love them, but I need to see one for myself to believe. So if ur out there, come show me the proof.

Two Sides

If you dont believe in vampire's or you do still read this.
What proof is there that they are real?
but, what proof is there that they are not real?


i believe in vampires and alot of other things, like witches etc. but some of what some people say is aload of crap. although, i would love to be vampire so much! its like my dream in life!


I believe in vampires, but I find them like ghosts, although there have been sightings of them, there is no general proof that they exist...there is most likely an explanation for how this girl acted.


lol, vampires are not real. They are nothing more than a great fictional charater onced used for horror now they are more commonly used as a sexy sombre romantic charater. They are merely objects of fiction. However, there are psychologically damged persons who think that they are vampires and that they need blood, some people do it for a purely sexual role playing act.

And if there were real vampires I bet they would be smart enough not to leave a cooment on a website because anyone with the most basic knowledge knows that these things are easy to hack and trace. And if they were real there would be some kind of govenment group that would hunt them down and they would use ips, and internet languages and traces and everything else. lol.

ramon heights

nakita hearts who r u ?


This is to all humans and to all Vampires in the world. To the bloodsuckers the time to come out of hiding is now. Its time to take whats ours. To the humans watch your back.


A young girl at the age of about 5 was attacked in her own bedroom in the middle of the night.
She remembers waking up to see a tall dark figure in the shape of a young male climb through her window.
She jumped out of bed and tried to run away from the figure but the bedroom door locked on her.
The next thing she knows there is a searing pain in her neck and the blackness.
She was in a coma fpr 3 months. The attck was never recorded but at the age of 15 now, she still has the nightmares and the puncture holes on the right side of her neck.

Megan Austin

You know, peple say that they wish tomeet vampires and knowall about them. But's what's to say they don't suck you dry? Notallvampire are like those on the T.V. Everyone seems to have an illusion of vampires. Not all vampires are good you know. And meeting a REAL vampire isn't always as good as i cracks up to be. Trustme i know.
And yeah youmay think that vampires aren't real but where do you think thelegends and the myths originally come from? In order for vampires to be real, then they willneed to be completely different to the types we know of.
Somany poeple have changed the face of vampire that they are nothinglike what they really are now.
Vampires arent sexy boys living off animals. These are creatures of the dead. Creatures who live in darkness.
So the next time you wish that you meet a vampire...just think about all of the changes we have made to the species of the vampires.

Destiny Renee

I know a person. He tells me these stories about his life, they sound like they happened centuries ago. He seems SO protective. But only around certain people. He's not friends with alot of people. Only 1-5 people. He acts like he's avoiding everyone else. About every 2 weeks, he stays out of school for about 2 days at the most. Whenever I put my hand up or rest my head in my hand he starts to stare at my wrist.. and his lips turns very red and purple like they are swollen. but then he looks up and the red and purple go away. He stays close to me but not very close. Sometimes it seems like were miles away from eachother. He's so secretive all the time which makes me want to know all the more. He has the brightest green eyes that I have ever seen. And his skin is as white as paper. He's always very tense. But once we start getting into a conversation he's more relaxed. Sometimes he takes in VERY deep breaths when someone passes him. Can you tell me if I'm just paranoid about this?Please email me and tell me all you know about vampires because I have something important I need to talk about. My heart is pounding because of something else I know.

Brittany S.

I do believe in vampires. I believe that there are real ones, and then there are just crazy people who needs a chew toy ^.^ or just a straight jacket. I agree that the way we continue to go on and on about them is pathetic. No vampire is going to look up you up and come to your house. We need to be happy with our vampire movies and leave them alone. Thank about what would really happen if someone came out and said they was a vampire alot of people would freak out, the rest of the world would come knocking at thier front door.

nakita hearts

We dont feed unless we have to the fact that the vampire attacked you proves to you that not was she a very young vampire but that she had no control over her thirst. I am an young vampire to but i was tought from a very young age to control my thirst and i am able to even attend school

divisas forex

Blog is so good where i get lots of information about Vampire Attacks In New York nice job!!


For those of u that question the realizm of the above article let me assure u vampirizm is real no a vampire is not an undead supernatural being but there are those who do crave the cunsumption of human blood I know as I at one time was one of those people while I never physicaly attacked anyone as the above story depicts when intimate with a woman I took more pleasure from biteing her to the point where she bled and drinking that blood than I did the actual sex act, Why I dont fully understand it myself but I would become almost feavorish durring those moments leading up to the "feeding" as such I am certain that there are others with such craveings that they can not controle thus causing random attacks on an unsuspecting populus, I have shed my cravings ever scince my salvation with Christ which has led me to beleive that this affliction was not a mental disorder or some type of repressed desire for power but was indeed nothing less than demonic possesion as the scriptures tell us about If you happen upon one who is afflicted such take heed do not attak them nor provoke them instead pray for them that God in heaven would deliver them.


Okay, I'm curious. Was this "vampire" on drugs?


okay so if ya visit this website & don't think vampires are real then click this link
and read all of the information then you will believe it.. & it's 100% true..


I believe in vampires of all types; but everybody keeps telling me to stop believing that or vampires aren't real.. but i wonder if i want to be a nice vampire with simple fangs, and the rest i just look like a regular person that i won't hurt my family or friends, or even lovers, & it gets me thinking if i could ever go somewhere & at night when i'm 16 or maybe 19 years old a vampire would bite me on the neck, & i will wake up as a vampire, but half of me wants to be a vampire, and the other half wants me to spend the rest of my life happily with a husband and 1 daughter, but i don't know...


i have DRANK Blood. IT tastes warm and salty. with loads of iron. instead of it making me puke. it makes me wanna Drink till there is none left. after that i wanna go to sleep for like a week. There is sometimes that i only eat food like 1 or 2 times 3 dayz out of the whole 7dayz. plus iam more active at night than day time. dont really like the sun light it bothers my eyes most times... so i don't kno does that makes me a Vampire>>? This world is big and mysterious. so the possiblity of a Vimpires out there. for me is 100% but recognizing them. is o% unless he or she tell u. abt it nd then proves it. I feel really alone.. Friendz keep their distance from me accept 4 only 1... SO if there iz any out there.. plz come take me with you... [email protected]. or [email protected].

Antony Gossett



At my school i saw some girl who had fangs, the rest of her teeth were small. i know that it is probably a deformation, but it makes me wonder...


i believe in the possability but the way we keep going on about it is pathetic. the chances of u actualy meeting one and realising it are slim to none. plus they dnt want us to know about them most cases are coverd up they have there own community and network so people should stop fussing over them and leave them be.


I belive them but how do we know u are telling the true. answer that one.


I have oddly become obsessed with vampires. its so weird, i wish i could meet one, if somone who thought they were one.


i might be real though i do believe in vampires also. is there any more attacks recorded i want to know. if u know any can you email me [email protected]

Joshua Aiken

what did this vampire girl look like??


Ilove Vampires moives i think let the tees come to my house see a vampires moives


Jaime Powell, what makes you believe in vampires?

David Cruzelle

If you guys hear anything else about vampire attacks contact me at [email protected]

jaime powell

have you ever seen the real thing? i'm crazy about vampires and i believe in them and some people think i'm crazy. but if this is real then there must be more in the area. do you think that the rumors are true that if a vampire takes a sip of your blood 3 times then you become one? that would be awesome!

jaime powell

have you found the girl yet? when did this take place? were there any more vamire attacks before this one?

jasmine riche

That might of really happen cause I love vampires they are really cool


i believe this could've really happened. i've been researching on very many vampire attacks across Europe and North america and this could have been a real attack


I think its a teenager who has seen way to many vampire movies! I believe in vampires, but not in that sense! There are people who actualy need to drink blood and its because of a medical condition, which is paobably where the vampire myth came from.


Ride on chelsea louise
Vampires aint real omg retards this was jst a mixed up tennager. GAYS nd i will help with the donation for the chew toy.
[[miss c is gay]]
omg ant!!!!!!

Chelsea Louise *

I dont believe in vampires this might have just been a girl who was teething. It isn't fair and i think she should be allowed off. I will donate money if you lot can not afford to buy her a chew toy. =]


i dont belive in vampires and this statement hasn't changed my opinion!!!


I have recently had a dream that follows the same lines as this personal attack, but the entity was invisiable and chewed on my neck and left arm and the girl was there...their also was an ambulance that came for the girl with the words newport or new york written on the side of it, a caucasion female about 20 to 25 in the dream was being attacked by the same entity while her boyfreind stood right their in braod daylight and was helpless to do anything he could'nt move, this could have some sort of connection.

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