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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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It's disconcerting to think that at least some gayness may be caused, basically, by brain damage. The theory is that the mother's body has an immune response to the male fetus, thereby resulting in this condition. I'd think the more likely result of screening would be treatment for this response, rather than abortion -- because you wouldn't know if the response had necessarily caused gayness. They think this immune response may also cause autism. So, even if you had no problem with gayness, you'd probably want to prevent autism, and would take the therapy. And, regardless of the autism prospect, it's upsetting to think one's pregnant body is attacking one's boy fetus.

If every case of this was treated and prevented, there'd be one-seventh fewer gay men out there (as the study estimated). An unfortunate side effect is that those who remained would be an even smaller minority and would have an even harder time in society. If women had abortions for this, it would skew the male-female ratio.

I would want to know if this response has always happened at the same rate, or if some environmental or evolutionary factor is causing it to happen more often. I could more easily accept it if it was the former.

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